Pack Your Items Safely In A Storage Facility

When you are preparing your belongings to put them in a storage unit, you want to pack them so they are secure. The goal will be for you to pull your items out of storage in the same condition they were in when you packed them. The tips in this article will help you pack your stuff so you won't have to worry about its condition when you take it out.

Consider a climate controlled storage unit

The first thing you want to do is make sure you choose the right storage unit to store your items. If you are going to be storing anything made of wax or fragile fabrics then it will be important to make sure the unit is going to be kept at a reasonable temperature. Even perfumes and lotions can be ruined if the temperature gets too hot.

Tape and cover all pieces of furniture

Tape the doors and shelves shut on all cabinets, desks, dressers and even on your refrigerator. This will prevent them from flying open when the furniture is moved. Place moving blankets over each piece of furniture and tape them in place to prevent scratching and damage from boxes and other nearby items.

Remove handles

Removing the handles from certain items can add up to a lot of extra room in the long run. It will also decrease the chances that a handle will get hung up on something else during the move, causing damage to one or both items.

Secure all inside parts

Before you move even more of your appliances, you want to make sure you take all the inside shelves, drawers, lightbulbs and other inside parts and secure them properly.

Protect your glass

All mirrors and glass table tops should be wrapped and taped in blankets. A good way to ensure they don't get damaged in the storage unit is to fit them between mattresses.

Keep your fabrics protected

When you pack your fabrics into a storage unit they can get eaten by moths if you don't take the proper precautions. You should pack your clothing, bedding, drapes and other fabric items in plastic and add in a few moth balls to keep the moths away.

You want to do your best to keep your items protected and safe while they are tucked away in a storage facility. The advice here is going to help you to do that and give you peace of mind.

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