What To Do When You Have Been Served With A Restraining Order Or An Eviction Notice

When you have been served with an eviction notice or restraining order, your first thoughts are usually anger and frustration followed by panic, because you know you have to get out of the place in which you currently reside and find another place to live. If you stay calm, you can do this. Even if you have to transport all of your stuff to a storage unit (which may be more accessible and inexpensive right now than another apartment), you can get last minute movers to help. Here are some other ways to keep your head when you are under pressure and have to move within three days or less.

Find Temporary Housing and Temporary Relocation of Personal Items

Along with relocating your belongings quickly to a storage unit, last minute moving services often have their own storage units for rent, or have access to available units owned by a company with which they frequently do business. Before you start running around trying to find a storage unit on your own, ask the last minute moving companies what storage facilities they have available or would recommend during this very stressful time. If they have a few units available right now, they can write it into your moving contract. Contact local companies such as Modern Movers, Inc. for more information.

As soon as you have established where your belongings are going to go and have set up a time for the movers to come help you, then your next step is temporary housing. More than likely, there are agencies and organizations in your area that help prevent homelessness or know where you can stay during this transitional period. This is especially helpful if you cannot afford a motel or hotel room for several nights until you can find something more long-term or permanent.

Figure out Your Transportation and Finances

When some people are forcefully removed from one location by court documents, they lose more than just their homes. Often, people who live together share a car, and when person is forced to leave, they lose access to the transportation. If you are fortunate enough to live in a medium- to large-sized city, you can take public transportation until you get your bearings or join a carpool. You will also have to sit down and take a serious look at your finances and find out what you can afford as far as housing, transportation, moving expenses and living expenses. Since your forced last minute move probably took up much of your financial resources between the movers, the storage and temporary housing, you will have to establish a new budget based on future income.