Pack It Up: Tips For Stuffing Your Storage Unit

Whether you're moving out, in transition, or you've simply just run out of space at home, storage units are an excellent way to keep your excess stuff safe and secure. Whether it's bulky furniture or household items, packing your storage unit correctly can help keep your items safe as well as easy to get to if you need to return and retrieve them. If you're considering getting your own storage unit, such as Koch St Mini Storage, read on for some helpful packing and storage tips.

Pack it Right

Before you haul everything to the unit, it should all be properly packed up. Use heavy duty cardboard boxes and make sure they are securely taped on both the top and bottom. Seal each box everything thoroughly to keep dust out as well as any critters that might want to make your boxes their new home. Always pack books flat so the spine does not get damaged. Label each box clearly with a black permanent marker, and box up items by room. You can write things like "kitchen" and "office" on each one so you can quickly remember which items are in which boxes. Use bubble wrap and packing paper to securely pack any fragile and breakable items.

Organization is the Key

How you put everything inside of your storage unit can truly make getting what you need out of it much easier. If you can break down pieces of furniture so they become flat, you will give yourself a lot of extra room, and it will be easier to maneuver around inside of the unit. Try to stack larger items on top of each other, so that they're stored vertically. Pack the unit with the heavier and bulkier items first so that they are towards the back. Anything you plan to get frequently or will be retrieving sooner or more often should always be packed last towards the front. Maximize available space by storing small items inside of dresser drawers, coolers, or other boxy items. If possible, leave the middle of the unit open so you have an aisle to walk down.

Cleanliness Tips

Before you begin putting everything inside the unit, lay down a large tarp or canvas to protect the floor. Add some cedar chips or fresheners inside the unit to help keep smells out. Visit the storage unit at least once a month to allow it to "air out." You can also include bait for insects and mice to help keep them out of your storage unit. If you're storing linens like bedding and towels, be sure they are kept in an air tight bag or a vacuum sealed bag.