How To Safely Store Your Mattress Inside Of A Storage Unit

If you need to store one of your mattresses inside of a storage unit, you need to take some specific steps to ensure that your mattress makes it through its storage experience fresh and ready to be used again. Choose Your Unit Wisely The best type of storage unit to place your mattress in would be a climate controlled storage unit. A climate controlled storage unit will allow you to keep the temperature constant and warm, which will help prevent bacteria and mildew from making your mattress their new home. [Read More]

Storing Furniture And Clothing: A Guide For Self-Storage Renters

Self-storage rentals offer a convenient way to free up space in your garage and house while keeping items you don't use all year long safe. You can also use such units to store your items before a move. Proper packaging can help prevent moisture, mold and pest damage that your belongings may succumb to while in storage. Here are some handy tips on how to store furniture and clothing in a self-storage unit so as to maintain them in the best possible condition. [Read More]

How To Set Up A Storage Unit Properly

Organizing the contents of a storage locker will help you keep things tidy and easy to locate an item when you need it. Here are a couple of tips that you can use to keep your storage unit organized. Sort Similar Items Into Plastic Bins Sorting the contents of your storage bin is the first step must be taken in order to get things organized. Start by taking things that are similar in nature and grouping them together, such as anything fragile in one pile and any type of electronics in another. [Read More]

Closing The Gap: Preparing To Move Out Of State For Your Long-Distance Love

The "where is this going" relationship talk means something different to lovers who live within 10 miles of one another than those lovers who live 10 states away. If you and your long-distance significant other have decided that where you are going means moving in together, you will have a large amount of physical and emotional preparations to make if you are the one making the move. Here are some less common items that you should take care of before a closing the gap on a long-distance relationship. [Read More]