How To Set Up A Storage Unit Properly

Organizing the contents of a storage locker will help you keep things tidy and easy to locate an item when you need it. Here are a couple of tips that you can use to keep your storage unit organized.

Sort Similar Items Into Plastic Bins

Sorting the contents of your storage bin is the first step must be taken in order to get things organized. Start by taking things that are similar in nature and grouping them together, such as anything fragile in one pile and any type of electronics in another. Once the items are grouped together, take them and place them safely inside of a plastic bin that has a cover or lid that can keep them safe from the elements. For fragile items, make sure to wrap them in bubble wrap or a towel to protect them while inside the bin and protect them from getting smashed around.

Label Everything

Once you have the items placed into bins, take an inventory of each bin and write it down onto a log sheet recording what bins contain what items. Once you have logged the contents of the bin, sticker the side of the bin with a white label and number the white sticker with a black magic marker. On the corresponding log sheet add the bin number beside each of the items inside that bin, so that you can reference where something is when you need to find it. Leave the log sheet located just inside the door of the storage unit so that you can grab the sheet when you open the door and locate something quickly without having to take everything out of the unit to find one item.

Place Everything Off The Ground On Skids

The elements can take their toll on the contents of the inside of the unit, so you have to take preventative measures to protect them. Keeping the plastic bins off the ground will keep them safe from a potential flooding of the unit, and they will be much warmer not coming into contact with the cold concrete floor. Placing the bins onto wooden skids is a great way to allow you to keep things off the floor and still allow you to stack the bins on top of one another. The local lumber yard should have a lead on where you can buy wooden skids, or you can try a local grocery store to see if they have any extra skids that they are not currently using.

If you have any other questions related to storage units or what you can or cannot store inside the unit, you should consult with a local storage unit facility like Fidelity Moving & Storage Co Inc.