Top Customer Questions About Insuring Belongings In A Storage Facility

It can be a little disconcerting to store items that are important to you in a facility that may be miles away from your physical location, and this is why it is excellent if you can obtain storage unit insurance that will ensure your items will be covered if something does happen. Here are a few of the biggest customer questions concerning storage unit insurance and the answers you will definitely want to know before you store your own items.

Will the storage facility provide insurance for your belongings?

Not every storage facility offers their own insurance to cover and protect your belongings.  However, there are some that will include this as part of the storage rental contract. Many facilities will leave insurance out of the equation just to keep their prices low and competitive to attract business, but will have optional insurance available if you choose. It is always a good idea to ask up front about rental insurance and what type of protection is available, if any.

Where can you obtain outside storage insurance for your items if it is not provided?

If you find a facility that has everything you want in a storage business but does not offer insurance, you should know that you can usually get outside coverage for stored items. In most cases, what your insurance company will recommend is that you take out a renter's insurance policy, which is designed to protect belongings that are located inside of a place that you do not actually own. However, there are some homeowner's insurance policies that have an optional provision for stored items and may be something that you can add on to an existing policy.

Is it better to just shop for a storage facility that offers included storage insurance?

It can be more financially logical to just find a storage facility that has insurance available to customers. When insurance is provided through the facility itself, you will actually be accepting coverage that is likely an extension of an existing policy, which means you will usually get a really low price for coverage.

Even though you may not want your added items hanging around the house or you are in the middle of relocating, it does not mean that you care any less about the items that you place in storage. Talk to a storage facility manager or your own insurance company to find out more about storage unit insurance.

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