Tips For Packing So That Unpacking Isn't A Nightmare

Packing is difficult and annoying. It makes you realize how much junk you truly have and how much you're going to have to pay to move it. It also forces you to throw or donate items that you don't use anymore. However, unpacking can be equally difficult. You have to go through all of the boxes, take everything out, find a proper place for it, and then get rid of the boxes. There's a reason why many people don't totally unpack until they've been moved in for a few months. It's a long process. Here are some tips for packing so that your unpacking process isn't a nightmare.

1. Color Code Boxes That Need to Be Unpacked First

Purchase three or four large, plastic boxes. Take colored duct tape and put an 'x' of tape on each side of each box. This will allow you to easily distinguish these boxes from the rest of your boxes. Then, commit to only putting in items that you are going to need during the first week that you've moved in. If you need a skillet to cook food, put it in there. Don't worry about keeping it with the rest of your dishes because you're not going to need all of your dishes immediately. You're just going to need the skillet. Do this with the rest of the items you're going to need. Make sure that you keep your laptops and other electronics, as well as their chargers, handy, along with a small selection of clothes that you are going to need during the rest of the week.

2. Take Pictures of Furniture

You are likely going to need to take apart your furniture in order to move it safely. Take a picture of how you are taking it apart, including the tools that you used and the items that you removed. Take a picture each step of the way. Then, take a picture of where you stored all of the items. Store all of the legs of your furniture together and place a tiny piece of painter's tape on each with a label so that you know which piece of furniture it goes to. Store all of the hardware separated by furniture in plastic baggies. Write down the location of each leg and bag of hardware. Doing this will allow you to reassemble your furniture quickly and easily.

3. Store Books in Suitcases

Finally, store all of your books in suitcases with wheels. This will make it easier for you to get the books to their new location and will allow you to provide them with some measure of protection. Finally, since you probably won't need your suitcases for awhile, you can safely put the books in a closet and trust that the suitcases will be able to protect them even if you don't get around to unpacking them in the first week.

For more information or for moving supplies, talk to a moving company.